2019: 3 reasons to choose a video content agency


It is often difficult for companies to consider video as a central part of their marketing strategy. The main reason given is cost!


However, the video is not limited to that unique and grandiose product that you make once a year at the launch of a new product or offer.

Today there are tons of different ways and tools within your budget to get your brand known, engage your audience or convert your audience into customers.

As we enter 2019, these are 3 reasons why you should choose a video content agency to help you stand out with video. Before we talk about these good reasons, let’s first define the terms.

What is video content?

Video content includes any video content used in your marketing strategy. Other types of content include blog posts, or photos for example.

What is does a video content agency do?

A video content agency is an agency specialized in creating, producing and activating video content in a smart, thoughtful and studied way.


Now, here are the 3 reasons why you should choose a video content agency:

1. A growing need for brand optimization

As I said at the beginning of this article, it is now possible to produce more video content for your marketing strategy. But, above all, it is necessary. Because, today, nearly 80% of the traffic on the Internet in 2019 will be video.

Youtube has become the second most used search engine in the world. Facebook is currently looking to integrate video content more organically into its model. From now on, it is no longer enough to produce a single “big” video and post it on the net according to the traditional advertising model.

It is necessary to target its audience and create quality content that is both entertaining and useful. The goal: to increase the chances of falling within the scope of what your target audience is looking for. Because that’s what it’s all about: your audience is now embracing mass advertising and wants to decide for itself what it wants to see.

The days of television as the sole provider of video content are over. Welcome to the digital 3.0 era!

As you can see, you need a specific strategy for your video marketing. You can visit this page for more information on video strategy.



2. A combination of expertise and knowledge

Who better than a video specialist to help you set up the video strategy adapted to your objective and budget?

Beware, knowledge of audiovisual production alone is not enough to claim to know how to optimize the activation of the productions made. It requires a combination of expertise and knowledge that you will find in a video content agency.

The video content agency therefore takes a global approach to video content. It takes care of audience analysis, creative development and activation of your content, and performance analysis. This last step is essential to any video marketing strategy.



3. Cost-effective service

The holistic approach taken by a video content agency offering the strategy, creation, production and activation of your video content can reduce costs for a brand seeking to gain exposure for example. A marketing strategy becomes possible and achievable.

Creativ Sün is an agency of a slightly different kind. We are equally and equally important a video content agency and an audiovisual production agency. This division of tasks within the same structure, which is a bit unusual in the audiovisual world, is based on two observations:

  • video is today an indispensable tool for brands to reach the web.
  • but video without strategy rarely achieves the desired audience and impact.

Therefore, it is necessary to set up a strategy adapted to your objectives and budget. As producers, we have developed an expertise in the field of storytelling, i.e. in the art of telling stories (not salads! real touching stories!) and also in the art of understanding and reaching our target audience.

Our creative and technical experience allows us to propose innovative solutions to meet your expectations and your portfolio. Having more doesn’t necessarily mean paying more!


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