The Help, Hub, Hero method is essential for your video strategy.

More and more, brands are faced with a rejection of traditional advertising by Internet users. Most people no longer want to be treated as mere consumers to be sold to. They want content that is useful to them. Brands must now find new ways to reach their target audience.

The 3H approach to video content marketing is extremely effective in its ability to reach and engage the audience.

The 3Hs of the video content strategy

The 3H method is a method developed by Google for its video search engine YouTube. This approach is based on the planning and creation of quality video content with high practical value. These allow to create and maintain a community engaged around a brand. This is the Help, Hub, Hero approach.

 video content

Help video content (also called Hygiene content) is the undisputed content star in video content marketing. It is functional content designed for an audience that may not necessarily know your brand.

Its main objective? As its name suggests, this content is intended to help the brand’s audience. It therefore answers their questions and proposes solutions to the problems they encounter or are likely to encounter. Tutorials are a type of Help video widely used on YouTube. When properly optimized, this content appears in search engine results. The audience can then find it more easily. In this way, Help video content drives organic traffic to the brand’s platforms and allows it to position itself as an expert in its field.

Help video content

A brand’s Hub video content requires a keen understanding of its target audience. This video content is designed for an audience that already knows the brand.

Its primary objective? To increase brand awareness and engage its audience by offering quality Hub video content that appeals to the audience. Hub video content helps to build loyalty among the audience who return to the Hub to find videos that meet their interests. Backstage scenes are a typical example of a Hub video.

Hero video content

The Hero video is the star video for big promotional campaigns. Its purpose is two-fold: to build brand awareness without explicitly advertising the brand, and to engage its audience.

The Video Hero is therefore designed to reach the audience on an emotional level. The idea is for the audience to have a strong reaction to the video. They will comment and share it, creating a buzz around the brand. Big brands like Nike use emotional storytelling a lot to create viral Hero videos like Dream Crazy (see below) which, without ever mentioning the brand itself, leaves the viewer with a positive and lasting impression of the brand.

See  Nike “Dream Crazy” ad

Integrate the Help, Hub, Hero method in your video content marketing

The Help, Hub, Hero approach can help you better structure your overall marketing strategy by giving you innovative and creative opportunities to fill gaps in your content marketing. While it does not guarantee absolute success, as part of a well-executed video content strategy, the approach does offer you real opportunities for your content to impact your target audience.

Before you get started, however, be clear about what your brand wants to offer and what your target audience wants to see. What you offer, your tone, your content, and your choices in how you present that content are all factors that will set you apart from the competition. So start by defining your objectives and structuring your video marketing strategy with a video marketing brief.


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